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This new system would revolutionize not only the education sector but our entire society. Today, I am more convinced than ever that this system will lift the human potential across all classes, simply because there are more incentives for people to help each other. Having said that, society would also need to counter the flaws in this new system by implementing new laws and regulations. I believe this is part of every major transformation.

The problem

I believe the education system worldwide needs to radically change to unlock the full human potential. What about we let teachers and other mentors participate in the success of their students?

Imagine that the identity of each child is registered on the blockchain and automatically launches its own token as soon as it enters the government’s education system. Now, all teachers and other people working closely with the child will periodically be rewarded with a certain amount of the child’s personal token.

Once the child turns into a young student and finally grows up and contributes to the economy it’s…

Crypto and particularly smart contracts as well as the oracles that support them are not going away. We are about to see a rearchitecting of backend systems across all major industries. We all know this. But why does not everyone see the same?

First of all, because no one can predict the future. Even if something appears obvious to me or to you, there may be many other factors that start to play into it at a later point in time.

But something became clear to me over the last few years I’ve worked in crypto. People who don’t see…


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